frequently Asked Questions

How are flight hours calculated for the purpose of billing?

Flight hours are taken from tach time. The pilot records the tach time when taking the aircraft and again when returning the aircraft. Hours are billed to the pilot in tenths. The airplane hours that you are billed for are for the time that the engine is running only.

Is there a charge for keeping the airplane overnight?

If you take the airplane from E45 and for a multiple day trip there is the potential you will be charged overnight fees. If you average 1.5hrs of flight per day that you have the airplane there will be no overnight fee. If you do not average 1.5hrs of flying per day that you have the airplane you will be charged $35 for each day that you have the airplane and it is not flown 1.5hrs.

Does the club have flight instructors?

Yes, there are several flight instructors to choose from.

Can the Aero Club aircraft be used for IFR flights or IFR training?

No, N5231R is not certified for IFR flight.  But, the airplane can be used for simulated instrument training with foggles and a CFI. The airplane may also be used for instrument practice by a IFR rated pilot with foggles and a safety pilot

Can I join the Aero Club to get re-current?

Yes.  With a current medical and CFI flight training, an out-of-currency pilot can get recurrent as a member of the Aero Club.

Do I have to be a member of the PML community or PMLAA (PML Aviation Association) to join the Aero Club?

No, the Aero Club is an independent organization.  The PML Airport (E45) is a Tuolumne County Airport and is accessible to the public via Ferretti Road and Elderberry Way.