Aircraft Reservations

Club members must reserve a plane before using it. By default, Flight Scheduler Pro automatically schedules 2 hours. However, this may be changed at the discretion of the pilot making reservations. Use the button at the bottom of this page to navigate to

Method of Reservations

Reservations are made via PML Aero Club’s on-line scheduling system. Access to the scheduling system is via Flight Scheduler Pro. Each member is assigned a password and given instructions for accessing the scheduling system.

Cancellation of reservation

Each member shall update the scheduling system as soon as possible when canceling a reservation, regardless of weather conditions or other phenomenon.

Scheduling conflicts

No member or members may exercise any authority over another in order to obtain reservations. In the event of conflict, the name listed on the scheduling system has first option to use the aircraft in question.

Reservation restrictions

The PML Aero Club has no restrictions on the number of hours or days that the Club aircraft may be reserved up to 7 days. Any use of the Club aircraft more than 7 consecutive days must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors.

Reservations by Instructors / Others

Instructors may not reserve time in Club aircraft for their students. Other members may not make reservations in their name for other members. All reservations must be made by, and in the name of, the current member of active status actually flying the plane.


Penalties, as described below, can be assessed by the Board of Directors for abuse of the reservations policies and/or other Club rules.

Loss of Reservation due to tardiness

Reservations are to be made exactly for the period required. A member one hour or more late for their reservation will forfeit the entire reservation.

Penalty due to late return

Members returning Club aircraft after their scheduled time may be assessed a fine equal to the hourly rate for the aircraft involved for the late interval. The late penalty will not be assessed when weather or mechanical difficulties make it impossible to return on time, provided the member updates the PML Aero Club. Scheduling system and notifies any member scheduled for the plane during the late interval. In the event the scheduling system cannot be updated, a Club Officer shall be informed of the delay.

Penalty due to no-show

Members failing to utilize the aircraft during their reserved time slot may be assessed a penalty equal to one-half the hourly rental rate of the aircraft in question, times the length of the reservation period.

Penalty for flying Club aircraft while ineligible.

Any member flying Club aircraft while knowingly ineligible to do so, (past due bills, failure to meet currency requirements, etc) shall be assessed a penalty equal to the hourly rental rate of the aircraft times the number of hours flown while the member is ineligible.

Minimum Usage

No minimum usage fee is assessed by the Club. Tach time will be used for billing the actual time flown during the day.

Cross Country Flights

A pilot taking an aircraft cross-country is responsible for returning the aircraft to the Club's home base. Any expenses incurred which are related to overnight or long-distance travel shall be borne by the pilot.

Overnight Minimum Usage Fee While Away from PML Airport

When traveling away from PML Airport overnight, a usage fee of $35 shall be accessed for any day that the Club aircraft is not flown while away.

Maximum scheduled duration

The Board of Directors must approve reservations of over 7 consecutive days away from home base.